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Need training solutions that cover the areas of Diversity, Customer Service, Success, Career Development, or Leadership?

Russell W. Scott, Training Solutions offers thought provoking and engaging courses designed to educate, motivate, and inspire real conversations and transformation.

If you need customized course development, we'll work with you to develop and deliver training tailored around your needs, through consultation and understanding to unleash the power of your intentional success.  

  • What makes a team

  • Build a team with intention

  • Understand the power of Diversity

  • Apply it to your success

The Power of Intentional Teambuilding: Making Diversity Work for You

The Power of Intent: Living a Life on Your Terms

Sunrise Beach.jpg
  • Learn how to be intentional

  • Develop a manifestation mindset

  • Apply it to your goals

  • Define your success

 Russell W. Scott, Training Solutions' four most popular courses:

"Russell Scott is an all-around training and development professional. He has an impeccable talent for researching and creating content for courses that that he in turn delivers brilliantly. 

What makes the courses he presents stand out is that he ensures all points of view are considered and incorporated appropriately, giving the participants a complete and honest breakdown of the subject. 

Additionally, his courses are as entertaining as they are informative. He connects with participants to ask questions that provoke thought and introspection that also advance the discussion. Questions posed to him are answered thoughtfully and intelligently, leading to a deeper and fuller understanding of the subject matter."

 - Shari H., Human Capital Management Professional 

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  • Understand the importance of Career Mapping

  • Apply intention to your career

  • Learn the 4 steps to mapping your career

  • Identify and overcome hurdles

The Power of Intentional Career Mapping: Taking Full Control of Your Career

The Power of Intent: Building a Foundation of Customer Service

Customer Service 3.jpg
  • Understand power in putting your customers first

  • Apply intention to your customer service

  • Learn the 4 pillars of my Pleasure Principle

  • Find the key to get customers to return

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